HTK-AS30 USAF Aggressor Squadron paint set of 6 vol. 2

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    • HTK-AS30
    • Manufacturer: Hataka Hobby
    • Availability: In Stock
    • Type: Model paint
    • Medium: acrilic
    • Size/volume: 6 x 17ml
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    • Net Price: €12.62 €15.52
    Zestaw pozwala pomalować samoloty na takie schematy malowania eskadr agresorów USAF, jak Blue Flanker, Blizzard i Digital Splinter.

    HTK-AS30 “USAF Aggressor Squadron paint set vol. 2”

    USAF Aggressor Squadrons fly a wide variety of painting schemes that imitate the most prominent camouflages of aircraft of potential adversaries to the US (be it either unspecified post-soviet or Arab countries). Currently USAF operates two Aggressor Squadrons (18th AGRS based in Eielson AFB, Alaska and 64th AGRS based in Nellis AFB, Nevada) both flying F-16Cs. The sole F-15 aggressor unit (65th AGRS, also based at Nellis AFB) was disbanded in 2014 due to budget constraints. Part of its aircraft was taken over by sister 64th AGRS.

    HTK-AS30 includes colours for Blue Flanker, Blizzard and Digital Splinter USAF aggressor patterns. The set contains:

     The set contains:

    • HTK-A154 – White Grey – FS36628, used in so-called „Blizzard” and „Digital Splinter” schemes of USAF aggressors’ F-16s and F-15s
    • HTK-A155 – Air Superiority Blue – FS35450, used in so-called „Blue Flanker” scheme of F-16s of 18th and 64th and F-15s of 65th USAF Aggressor Sqdns
    • HTK-A054 – Grey – FS36270, used in so-called „Blue Flanker” and „Blizzard” schemes of USAF aggressors’ F-16s (18th and 64th AGRS)
    • HTK-A156 – Aggressor Blue – FS35109, used in „Blue Flanker”, „Blizzard” and „Digital Splinter” schemes of USAF aggressors’ F-15s and F-16s
    • HTK-A157 – Aggressor Grey – FS36251, used in „Digital Splinter” (F-15), „Blue Flanker” (F-15 leading edges, F-16 radome) and „Blizzard” (F-16) schemes
    • HTK-A158 – Mod Eagle Grey – FS36176, colour of radome in so-called „Blue Flanker” and „Digital Splinter” schemes of USAF aggressors’ F-15s