HTK-AS31 Early WW2 German AFV | panel lighting set of 6

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    • HTK-AS31
    • Manufacturer: Hataka Hobby
    • Availability: Low stock
    • Type: Model paint
    • Medium: acrylic
    • Size/volume: 6 x 17ml
    • szt.
    • Net Price: €10.09 €12.41
    Set of colors for realistic painting and weathering of AFV model kits. Contains both Wehrmacht and SS/Polizei colors!

    HTK-AS31 “Early WW2 German AFV | panel lighting set”

    This is the next set in a series of Hataka Hobby products designed for achieving realistic effects of wear and tear on AFV models via different painting and weathering techniques. Set developed by famous model expert Przemo Mrożek of Blitz Productions.

    From mid-1937 a new camouflage scheme of Dunkelbraun No. 45 and Dunkelgrau No. 46 was officially introduced onto German AFVs. By mid-1940 Dunkelgrau became the basis camouflage paint of all AFVs except those used by German Polizei and military units of SS, which used their own Grün colour during pre-war and early WW2 years.

    HTK-AS31 contains 6 paints thoroughly composed for use in panel lighting technique on models of Early WW2 German AFVs.

    For modelers interested in Polizei / SS vehicles the set contains a base colour HTK-A161 Polizei / SS Grün Base, HTK-A162 Polizei / SS Grün Shadow used to less shaded parts of the model and HTK-A163 Polizei / SS Grün Flash for fading effect.

    For modelers building standard Wehrmacht vehicles in panzer grey finish, the set contains a base colour HTK-A164 Panzer Dunkelgrau Base, HTK-A165 Panzer Dunkelgrau Shadow used to less shaded parts of the model and HTK-A166 Panzer Dunkelgrau Flash for fading effect.