HTK-AS38 German AFV Winter Camo 2 in 1 - set of 4

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    • HTK-AS38
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    Color set designed to achieve an effect of heavily weathered temporary winter coat of German vehicles WW2.

    HTK-AS38 “German AFV Winter Camo | 2 in 1”

    Fierce fighting on the eastern front during 1941/42 winter created an urgent demand for temporary winter camouflaging the German AFVs.

    For those willing to imitate a freshly applied winter camo the set contains a base paint HTK-A101 Traffic White and HTK-A164 Panzer Dunkelgrau Base for chipping / scratching.

    To achieve an effect of heavily weathered temporary winter coat the set offers HTK-A164 Panzer Dunkelgrau Base, HTK-XP02 Paint Exfoliation Activator and HTK-A153 Temporary White.

    The set contains:

    • HTK-A101 – Traffic White (RAL 9016) - Standard white paint used to achieve an effect of freshly applied winter camouflage on all types of German military vehicles
    • HTK-A164 – Panzer Dunkelgrau Base – Dunkelgrau No. 46. Used from mid-1937. From mid-1940 till early 1943 a standard base colour of majority of German AFVs
    HTK-XP02 – Paint Exfoliation Activator – A dedicated odourless medium used to activate the HTK-A153 Temporary White paint for controlled removal technique