HTK-AS39 WW2 Hungarian AFV - panel lighting set of 6

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    • HTK-AS39
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    Perfect match acrylic model colors for camouflage, fading and weathering WW2 Hungarian tanks and other AFVs.

    HTK-AS39 “WW2 Hungarian AFV | panel lighting set”

    This is the next set in a series of Hataka Hobby products designed for achieving realistic effects of wear and tear on AFV models via different painting and weathering techniques.

    Royal Hungarian Army (Axis ally that fought against the Soviet Union on the Eastern Front) developed its own tricolour camouflage scheme used on all locally produced AFVs, including 39.M Csaba, 38.M Toldi I/II/IIa/III, 40.M/41.M Turan I/II, 43.M Zrinyi II and 40.M Nimród. The sand, green and brown paints used, according to some sources, were produced by local E.Krayer & Co. factory (H.1795, G.1103 and G.1102 respectively).

    In order to achieve a realistic panel lighting effect on Hungarian AFVs start with airbrushing an overall base coat of HTK-A196 WW2 Hungarian Green Base and then apply HTK-A199 WW2 Hungarian Green Flash for fading (lighting) effect. Using the same technique apply camouflage patterns of sand HTK-A197 WW2 Hungarian Sand Base / HTK-A200 WW2 Hungarian Sand Flash and brown HTK-A195 WW2 Hungarian Brown Base HTK-A198 WW2 Hungarian Brown Flash.