HTK-AS49 RAF Coastal Command & RN FAA paint set of 6 x 17ml

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    • HTK-AS49
    • Manufacturer: Hataka Hobby
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    • Type: Model paint
    • Medium: acrylic
    • Size/volume: 6 x 17ml
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    • Net Price: €12.62 €15.52

    Six high quality model colors for painting models of Royal avy/Coastal Guard aircradt World War Two period

    HTK-AS49 “RAF Coastal Command & RN FAA paint set”

    The Coastal Command was the RAF's maritime arm tasked with protection of Allied convoys (most successful after 1943 when it finally received Very Long Range aircraft). The Fleet Air Arm operated carrier-based fighters, torpedo bombers and recce aircraft. RAF CC planes wore firstly Temperate Land Scheme (except for flying boats) and from mid-1941 Temperate Sea Scheme (with Sky "Type S" and later White undersurfaces). The same scheme was also widely used by RN FAA planes from the beginning of war (firstly with Sky Grey and then Sky "Type S" undersurfaces).

    HTK-AS49 includes colours for all above mentioned planes.

     The set contains:

    • HTK-A140 – BS Extra Dark Sea Grey – Used for upper surfaces in Temperate Sea Scheme. From 1944 overall colour of upper surfaces of RAF CC aircraft
    • HTK-A202 – BS Dark Slate Grey – Used for upper surfaces in Temperate Sea Scheme of RAF CC (until mid-1941 only on flying boats) and RN FAA planes
    • HTK-A203 – Sky Grey – Early colour (used approximately until September 1940) of lower surfaces of Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm aircraft
    • HTK-A026 - Sky "Type S" – Commonly used (from mid/late-1940) for lower surfaces of RAF CC and RN FAA aircraft in Temperate Sea Scheme
    • HTK-A049 – Insignia White – Used from mid-1941 for lower surfaces of RAF CC "big birds". From 1944 lower surfaces colour of all CC aircraft
    • HTK-A025 – Interior Grey-Green – Standard colour of cockpit interiors of RAF Coastal Command and RN Fleet Air Arm aircraft throughout the war