HTK-AS52 Modern Royal Air Force paint set vol. 1

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    • HTK-AS52
    • Manufacturer: Hataka Hobby
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    • Type: Model paint
    • Medium: acrylic
    • Size/volume: 8x17ml
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    • Net Price: €18.15 €22.33

    Eight top quality acrylic authentic shade model paints for Modern RAF model kits. From 1990's to present.

    HTK-AS52 “Modern Royal Air Force paint set vol. 1”

    From 1990s (taking lessons from the Gulf War operations in 1990/91) the Royal Air Force expanded the use of "grey" camouflage schemes to it's ground attack and recce aircraft (including Jaguar GR1/3, Tornado GR1/4 and remaining Buccaneers) and BAe Hawk advanced trainers. Harrier fleet had not converted to "greys" until 1995, still using the famous NATO Green / Lichen Green scheme on GR5, GR7/7A and T10/12 variants. Modifications to "grey" schemes of RAF interceptors were introduced during that time, leading to Barley Grey adopted as standard overall colour of Eurofighter Typhoon force.

    HTK-AS52 includes standard colours of RAF aircraft from 1990s till present. The set contains:

    • HTK-A217 – BS Light Aircraft Grey – BS381C:627, used on undersides of Tornado F3 (initial, till mid-2000s) and Phantom FGR.2 (air superiority scheme, with BS626 and BS637)
    • HTK-A142 - Camouflage (Barley) Grey – BS381C:626, used on BAe Hawk and Buccaneer (1990s, undersides), Tornado F3 (till mid-2000s, top). Also overall colour of RAF Typhoons
    • HTK-A141 – BS Medium Sea Grey – BS381C:637, used on BAe Hawk (1990s, top), Buccaneer (1990s, final scheme, top). Also on Tornado GR4 and F3 (from mid-2000s, overall)
    • HTK-A215 – BS NATO (IRR) Green – BS381C:285, used on Westland Puma (in two-green camo) and top surfaces of Harrier GR5 (1987-95), GR7/7A and T10/12 (1990-95)
    • HTK-A216 – BS Lichen Green – BS4800/12B.25, used on Westland Puma (in two-green camo) and undersides of Harrier GR5 (1987-95), GR7/7A and T10/12 (1990-95)
    • HTK-A214 – BS Dark Camouflage Grey – BS381C:629, used on Jaguars and Harriers (from 1995 till withdrawal, undersides) and Tornado GR1/4 (from 1999 till mid-2000s, also sides)
    • HTK-A144 – BS Dark Sea Grey – BS381C:638, used on top surfaces of Tornado GR1/4 (from 1999 till mid-2000s), Jaguar GR1/3 and Harrier fleet (from 1995 till withdrawal)
    • HTK-A058 – Have Glass Grey – FS36170, standard overall colour of F-35 Lightning II fleet (all variants), including the F-35B of the Royal Air Force and RN Fleet Air Arm