HTK-BS06.2 Luftwaffe in Africa paint set – BLUE LINE 6 x 17ml

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    • HTK-BS06.2
    • Manufacturer: Hataka Hobby
    • Availability: In Stock
    • Type: Model paint
    • Medium: acrylic
    • Size/volume: 6 x 17ml
    • Remarks: for brush painting
    • szt.
    • Net Price: €12.62 €15.52

    Acrylic model paint recommended for brush painting. Luftwaffe colours from Africa Campaign 1941-43.

    HTK-BS06.2 “Luftwaffe in Africa paint set” – BLUE LINE

    HTK-BS06.2 includes standard camouflage colours of Luftwaffe planes in Northern Africa. The set contains the following acrylic paints, optimised for use with brush:

    • HTK-B014 – Sand-Yellow (RLM79a) - Factory colour of upper surfaces in early Luftwaffe Mediterranean scheme (appx. from April 1941 till end of the year / early 1942)
    • HTK-B172 – Sand-Brown (RLM79b) – Factory colour of upper surfaces in late Luftwaffe Mediterranean scheme (appx. from late 1941 / early 1942 till withdrawal from Africa)
    • HTK-B053 – Olive-Green (RLM80) – Used for blotches (applied in field units over RLM 78/79) on upper surfaces and fuselage sides in Luftwaffe Mediterranean scheme
    • HTK-B314 – Light Blue (RLM78) – Standard factory colour of lower surfaces (and fuselage sides of some Bf 109E/F/G and Bf 110G) in Luftwaffe Mediterranean scheme
    • HTK-B040 – Black-Grey (RLM66) - Standard Luftwaffe colour of instrument panels and cockpit areas visible from outside (anti-glare function) throughout the war
    • HTK-B066 – Insignia Yellow (RLM04) - Standard Luftwaffe colour of various markings / insignia (in use on engine cowling, fuselage band, spinner, vertical stabilizer, etc.)