HTK-BS19 US Army Helicopters Paint Set 6 x 17ml – BLUE LINE

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  • HTK-BS19
  • Manufacturer: Hataka Hobby
  • Type: Model paint
  • Medium: acryclic
  • Size/volume: 6 x 17ml
  • Remarks: for paintbrush use
  • szt.
  • €16.25

Acrylic Colours for paintbrush, 6 x 17ml for modeling of US Army helicopters from Vietnam war era to the recent machines used in operations over Iraq and Afghanistan.

HTK-BS19 includes standard colours of US Army helicopters since 1950s. The set contains the following acrylic paints, optimised for use with brush:

  • HTK-B065 US Army Olive Drab
  • HTK-B041 Night Black (FS37038, ANA 604)
  • HTK-B066 Insignia (Orange) Yellow (FS13538, ANA 506)
  • HTK-B067 US Army Helicopter Drab (FS34031)
  • HTK-B068 US Army Desert Sand (FS30279, ANA 616)
  • HTK-B069 Woodland Desert Sage (FS34201) - new colour in the range