Hurricane Mk I/II Instrument Panel!

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    • YMA7242
    • Manufacturer: Yahu Models.
    • Availability: Low stock
      Delivery time: 0-3 days
    • Type: Model accessories
    • Medium: painted metal
    • Scale: 1/72
    • szt.
    • Net Price: €2.93 €3.61

    Control panel for Hurricane Mk I late and Mk II. Coloured, ready for assembly.

    Photoetched instrument panels. Coloured. Ready to fit in a model (JustStick):

    Control panel for Hawker Hurricane from late series of Mk I and for Mk II. It may require some trimming.

    Yahu Model Accessories Arrived

    Yahu Model Accessories Arrived

    A delivery of Yahu Model accessories has arrived at the Arma Hobby store. High-quality instrument panels are factory-printed and only require gluing in the appropriate place on the model. Among the sets, we recommend instrument panels for Hurricane Mk II from Arma Hobby (scale 1/48).