70016 PZL P.11c Junior Set 1/72!

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    • 70016
    • Manufacturer: Arma Hobby
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    • Type: Model airplane kit
    • Medium: plastic
    • Scale: 1/72
    • Remarks: for beginner modeller
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    Model of first fighter airplane that opposed German invasion in 1939.

    Looking for more information and inspiration about the model? Check articles with documentation and modell gallery section in armahobbynews.pl website link.


    New tool model of famous P.11c. Recommended not only to beginner modeller but also for experienced hobbyst who is looking for a quick built for collection.

    Set contains

    • plastic parts - neww tool, metal moulds
    • Techmod decals with marking for two aeroplanes from 1939 Capaign
    • small photoetched fret with the most important minute details

    Colours and markings of the PZL P.11c Junior Set

    • PZL P.11c, 121. Fighter Squadron from Cracow, in 1939 in „Kraków” Army. Today the only preserved „eleven”. After September campaign captured by the Germans and displayed in Berlin. After the war in Polish Aviation Museum in Cracow. Marking scheme of the Museum example.
    • PZL P.11c, 122. Fighter Squadron from Cracow, in 1939 in „Kraków” Army. Flown by Cadet Władysław Chciuk (2 victories), damaged in combat on 1st September and left in Bielsko-Aleksandrowice airbase. After the war outbreak squadron marking, „8” number on the fuselage and national markings on the rudder and on the wing upper surface overpainted.