Model Paints

Model Paints

For an avid modeller, there is no better reward than the moment when the finished work finally becomes a faithful image of its real counterpart. However, to achieve this effect, ordinary stickers and other questionable half-measures are not enough - high-quality acrylic paints or cellulose lacquers are necessary. In this section of our online store, you will find everything you need to give your creations the colour they deserve!

Modelling — acrylic paints and cellulose lacquers in many versions

Choosing paint for painting models of tanks and planes is not only a matter of colour - the issue of matching the product to the application method is equally important. In this section you will find, among others, acrylic paints from the RED line, which were created for airbrush painting. This series is aimed at intermediate users.

We recommend the BLUE line for beginners - these paints are perfect for applying with a brush. The most demanding users will certainly appreciate the ORANGE series. Fine pigment and no fillers guarantee perfect coverage and, therefore, the best final effect. This is the best option if you want the most faithful reproduction of the smallest details.

Modelling paints — individually or in a set

Our offer allows you to shop the way you like! You can choose one of our themed sets - containing the authentic colours of a specific country's air or land forces - or choose individual paints, according to your preferences. Each item is described in detail on the product subpage. Please contact us with any questions or concerns!