HTK-CS115 RAF South-East Asia paint set 6x17ml

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    • HTK-CS115
    • Manufacturer: Hataka Hobby
    • Availability: In Stock
    • Type: Model paint
    • Medium: acrylic
    • Size/volume: 6 x 17 ml
    • Remarks: for airbrush use
    • szt.
    • Net Price: €13.89 €17.09

    Standard colours of RAF aircraft in South-East Asia from 1941 till 1945

    In 1941-42 RAF aircraft operating in South-East Asia region wore a standard Temperate Land Scheme of DG+DE/Sky or Sky Blue (on Brewster Buffalos Mk.I and some Hurricanes). From 1942 fighters were delivered to the theatre in a new Day Fighter Scheme (DG+OG/MSG), but the Ocean Grey was locally overpainted with Dark Earth. Till early 1943 the so-called "SEAC scheme" (DG+DE/MSG) was already widely used, but only in April 1944 it became an official standard for SEAC fighters and fighter-bombers. SEAC bombers operated in standard DG+DE/Night (or Sky) throughout the war.