TCH72026 General Motors Wildcat VI decals

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    Decals with British markings for GM FM-2 Wildcat Mk VI from Arma Hobby, scale 1/72

    British markings for GM Eastern Division FM-2 Wildcat VI. Recommended for Arma Hobby kit.

    Grumman Martlet / General Motors Wildcat

    Grumman Wildcat was widely used carrier-borne/land based fighter aeroplkane of the Fleet Air Arm - Royal Navy. Grumman  produced aerplanes hade British designation: Martlet. Later British aeroplane names were cancelled. New Widcat versions manufactured by General Motors, with US designation: FM-1 and  FM-2; were named respectively: Wildcat V and Wildcat VI.

    Markings options:

    • Wildcat VI, JV735 Q-W, 853 FAA Sqn, Lt. B.H. Beeston, HMS Queen, March 1945
    • Wildcat VI, JV784 S-M, 825 FAA Sqn, HMS Campania, 1945
    • Wildcat VI, JV642, Autumn 1944
    • Wildcat VI, JV884 B-1C, 882 FAA Sqn, HMS Searcher, East Indies Fleet 1945
    • Wildcat VI, JV815 J3-V, 794 FAA Sqn, Eglington, March 1945


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