TCH72032 General Motors FM-2 Wildcat decals

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    • TCH72032
    • Manufacturer: Techmod
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    • Type: Aircraft insignia
    • Medium: decals
    • Scale: 1/72
    • Size/volume: 9 x 13 cm
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    Model decals for GM Eastern Division FM-2 Wildcat kit from Arma Hobby, scale 1/72

    Model decals for GM Eastern Division FM-2 Wildcat carrier-borne fighter aeroplane. Recommended for Arma Hobby kits.

    Grumman F4F Wildcat and General Motors FM-2 Wildcat

    FM-2 is the last and the most widely produced version of the Grumman F4F Wildcat fighter. It was manufactured at General Motors Eastern Division plants under a new type designation. The aeroplane was the basic fighter on the deck of escort aircraft carriers in the end phase of the 2nd World War on both Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Along with Grumman TBF / GM TBM Avenger it was the "work-horse" of the US Navy carrier-borne aviation.

    Markings options:

    • FM-2, black 20, VC-36, USS Core, Battle of Atlantic, April 1944
    • FM-2, white 16, VC-79, Lt. Francis P. McElroy, USS Sargent Bay, Okinawa, May 1945
    • FM-2, white 17, VF-26, Lt. Harold Natan Funk, USS Santee, Leyte landing and Battle of Samar, October 1944
    • FM-2 BuNo 56805, white 52, VC-27, Phillipines, January 1945
    • FM-2, white B6, VC-99, Lt. Bruce Allen McGraw, USS Gambier Bay, Leyte landing and Battle of Samar, October 1944
    • FM-2, white 11, VC-80, late 1944

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