MMP 9131 Polish Fighter Colours 1939-1947 vol. 1,

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    • MMP 9131
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    Probably best source of information on organisation, camouflage and markings of Polish Air Forces 1939-1947

    Authors: Bartłomiej Belcarz, Robert Gretzyngier, Tomasz J. Kopański, Wojtek Matusiak, Wojciech Zmyślony, Marek Rogusz

    Illustrators: Robert Grudzień, Artur Juszczak, Robert Gretzyngier, Karolina Hołda, Teodor L. Moroşanu ISBN: 978-83-63678-62-3

    This book describes in detail the camouflage and markings of the day fighters used by the Polish Air Force in 1939–47. Aircraft of Polish, French, British, American, Soviet and German origin are shown.

    Written by a well-known distinguished Polish aviation historians: Belcarz, Gretzyngier, Kopański, Matusiak, Rogusz and Zmyślony

    Many historical photos and colour profiles.

    Aircraft described in vol 1

    • PWS-10,
    • PZL P.7a,
    • PZL P.11a & PZL P.11c,
    • Morane Saulnier MS.406,
    • Bloch MB.151 & 152
    • Caudron-Renault CR.714,
    • Curtiss H-75A,
    • Dewoitine D.520,
    • Koolhoven FK.58
    • Dewoitine D.501/510
    • Hawker Hurricane I-IV,
    • Supermarine Spitfire I-II
    • Supermarine Spitfire V