70005-A3 PZL P.7a - poster

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    • 70005-A3
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    • Type: Box-art poster
    • Medium: digital print
    • Size/volume: 42 x 29.7 cm
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    Box-art poster, digital print, artwork by Marcin Górecki

    PZL P.7a, serial number 6.60, “white 9” from Kościuszko 111. Fighter Squadron, Warsaw 1933-35.

    Elite Kościuszko Squadron was one of the first units armed with PZL P.7a planes. This airplane had been damaged in 1935 due to engine malfunction during take-off, after repair has been relegated to training duty, first to Grudziądz, then in 1939 to Ułęż Advanced Flying School. Might have been used there in September 1939 fights as a part of the improvised flight organised by the School instructors.