Modele samolotów PZL aircraft

PZL aircraft

In this category, you would find the models of the famous machines of the Państwowe Zakłady Lotnicze (State Aviation Works), abbreviated PZL. Since its inception in 1928, PZL was a place of design and production of advanced, completely metal aircraft. The peak achievement of the plant was a series of Zygmunt Puławski's fighters, PZL P.1, P.6, P.7, P.8, P.11 and P.24. The fighter machines P.7a, P.11a and P11c, at the time of production in the forefront of the world, went into serial production and equipment for the Polish Army.

The generation of Polish fighter aces went through training and got the first victories flying on these planes. They have become icons of the Polish aviation and aviation industry.

PZL aircraft model kits

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