CMK7451 1/72 Hurricane Wing Armament (8 guns)!

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    • CMK7451
    • Manufacturer: CMK
    • Availability: Unavailable
    • Type: Aeroplane accessories
    • Medium: resin and photoetched brass
    • Scale: 1/72
    • Remarks: for Arma Hobby kit
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    • Net Price: €7.58 €9.32
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    Resin Guns and gun bays for Hurricane Mk Ia/IIa and IIb, for Arma Hobby 1/72 kit

    Set contains gun bays and eight machine guns for Hurricane Mk I (all guns); Mk IIb (no external guns in set) and IIa (conversion from IIb). Designed for Arma Hobby kit 1/72 scale. Contains resin and photoetched brass parts.

    CMK 1/72 gun bays for Arma Hobby Hurricane Kit

    This set has been designed for the new Arma’s Hurricane and includes open wing armament compartments with eight Browning cal. .303 machine guns. Thise set also includes the cover panels and photo-etched ammo feeds and half-ribs.