Box-Art Posters

Box-Art Posters

A true enthusiast does not stop at assembling a replica. In the room, studio or other place where you keep finished, built models, also find a place for a poster depicting a given plane or vehicle. The decorations, which are also illustrations from boxes used for assembly kits, are a real treat not only for every passionate collector but also for any military enthusiast who is not necessarily passionate about model building.

Posters with model kits

Are you a modelling enthusiast and are you looking for an interesting decoration for your room or studio? Boxes with large illustrations depicting a given aircraft model do not necessarily work as decorations - most often we simply keep them on shelves. However, posters with the same graphics as on the packaging are a different story. They are a very simple way to diversify your interior - just attach them to the wall and you're done. Your guests will definitely want to compare the finished model with the illustration; also, you can treat it as a useful reference when building the kit.

The posters, produced using digital printing, depict aircraft of various air forces from many historical periods. Similarly to the model kits, the offer with illustrations includes equipment from pre-war times and World War II, as well as modern aircraft.

Illustrations for military and modelling enthusiasts

The model kit posters available in the Arma Hobby range have dimensions of 42 × 29.7 cm, while the box is much smaller. Below the large illustration of the plane, there is a short description of the equipment in Polish and English. Every fan of the model building will be happy with it. This is a great gift idea - preferably complete with equipment from the poster unless the recipient already has it in their collection. Model kit boxart posters may also appeal to historians and military enthusiasts. They are sent in a tube that prevents the material from bending unsightly.