Skala 1/32

Skala 1/32

Enter the fascinating world of modelling with unique kits from renowned manufacturers such as Eduard, Hobby2000, Kotare and Meng. Our online store offers not only a wide selection of 1/32 scale aircraft model kits, but above all, access to the highest quality items that will meet the expectations of both beginners and experienced enthusiasts of this original hobby.

The abundance of details and the passion for reconstruction

The 1/32 scale aeroplane model kits available in our store are distinguished by extraordinary attention to detail. These are detailed reproductions of combat machines from World War II and beyond. Each of them has been designed and manufactured to represent the features of the original faithfully. Moreover, the variety of the presented kits allows not only to build an impressive collection, but also to deepen knowledge about the history and technologies of aviation.

It is also worth noting that our offer is addressed to those who do not accept compromises regarding quality. Model kits from Eduard, Hobby2000, Kotare and Meng are synonyms with perfection. Each kit is the result of the work of people for whom modelling is an art. Thanks to detailed instructions, the highest quality materials and attention to every, even the smallest, detail, the process of assembling 1/32 scale aeroplanes becomes not only a pleasure but also a challenge. In addition, this activity develops manual skills and patience, so the benefits are comprehensive.

Discover your passion for modelling with Arma Hobby!

We offer aeroplane kits in 1/32 scale that will allow you to take a fascinating journey through the history of aviation. Join the community of enthusiasts who have already chosen our products and allow yourself the pleasure of creating something unique. The Arma Hobby website is more than an online store - it is a space for people who share our passion for aviation and modelling. We invite you to celebrate this fascinating passion together!