Model Decals

Model Decals

Decals for models allow you to easily change and make the appearance of the model more attractive. If you are looking for interesting colorful markings for your model - check out our offer.

Decals for Polish aeroplanes model kits

Here you will find decals from Polish manufacturers Model Maker and Techmod. The main topic is markings in Polish colours, especially for pre-war PZL aircraft.

How to use decals?

Applying decals isn't difficult as long as you follow the basic rules. Check out our guide on how to apply decals without mistakes and with ease

At Arma Hobby, we are proud of the fact that our aeroplanes and vehicles model kits reproduce their prototypes so well. However, the models you create can be even more accurate. Modelling decals, i.e. graphic markings applied and sticked to the finished object, will help with this. Check out our offer - we have sets suitable for numerous replicas of World War II planes.

Decals for models – why are they useful?

Many modelling enthusiasts undertake to paint markings, symbols or state flags on previously assembled planes and vehicles themselves. However, making precise drawings is very difficult and not everyone manages to do it. Not everyone has time for this either. The solution is a decal, which is a way to achieve a detail-rich effect in modelling. Sometimes it is immediately included in the parts package. Other times, you can buy it separately in a store like ours.

Applying these patterns requires no less precision than assembling the kits themselves. It is not enough to simply stick them in the appropriate places on the model - first, you must properly prepare the surface, immerse the sheets in water, and then wait for the glue to dissolve. In order for the modelling decal to be applied precisely, it is necessary to use several accessories: tweezers, cotton buds, a modelling brush and tissue paper. A nice finish can be achieved by spraying the finished model with an appropriate varnish.

Model decal shop

At Arma Hobby you will find diverse, detailed decals. The Arma Hobby store offers sheets produced by the Techmod brand, including: the aviation checkerboard of the Polish Air Force or the Air Forces and Navy Aviation signs of the US. We also recommend accessories for modelling, enabling you to create your own markings. Using a laser printer, you can print on blank sheets the signs you need to reproduce the selected aircraft or vehicle model perfectly.