Modeling Materials

Modeling Materials

Necessary when implementing any new project, it fulfils its purpose perfectly and allows for an aesthetic finish of all models. The materials presented in this category are products designed, among others, to facilitate the painting and preparation of details and to improve the permanent connection of individual elements of sets. Adhesives allow for the discreet joining of parts made of both plastic and metal, varnishes and decals give the replicas a realistic look, and masking tapes are useful when painting. These are materials that we have carefully selected not only in terms of quality, but also suitability in creating faithful replicas of combat aircraft and land vehicles.

Modelling materials - masking tapes, varnishes, glues and many others

The diversity of the assortment offered in our online store means that every person who is passionate about modelling can find all the materials necessary to complete their dream replica. The basis, of course, is adhesives, liquids for fixing decals, as well as putties and varnishes, thanks to which each element can be given the desired appearance and then stably mount the individual components in their place.

But that's not all. Soft lead wires are also useful for creating replicas of aeroplanes and vehicles. Fortunately, they are also available in the Arma Hobby online store, among other modelling materials. Most importantly, we offer them in various thicknesses so you can easily select the most appropriate ones for reproducing wires, cables, or pipes on a scale.

Arma Hobby – the best model shop

We make every effort to ensure that every fan of creating replicas of aeroplanes and vehicles can comprehensively purchase branded modelling materials in our online store. Tamiya, Art Scale Kit, Hobby2000 and Microscale products are available for sale, thanks to which joining, painting and finishing individual elements of replicas is carried out without any major problems. Welcome to place an order!