MWE005 Spill wet effect - Frozen water 30ml

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    • MWE005
    • Manufacturer: Modellers World
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      Delivery time: 1-3 days
    • Type: spill wet effect
    • Medium: acrylic
    • Size/volume: 30 ml
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    This product is slightly thicker and less smooth than the others, the cold whitish shade of frozen water will be perfect for winter scenery

    “Spill: Wet Effect” is a series of acrylic, odorless products for creating a wet surface effect. In between the standard clear version,
    you’ll find perfectly tinted versions that are transparent when dry to enhance your model with a spectacular poured liquid effect.
    The product is designed to work on 0.1-1 mm layers, so don’t pour it more than a millimeter thick. After it dries, you can lightly
    mat the surface and apply another layer no sooner than after 24 hours. You can make impressive puddles on flat surfaces, like
    asphalt or armor plates, or paint thin streaks with these products. “Spills” in “clear” or “dirty water” shades are perfect for
    covering dried mud, giving it a wet look. For use by brush without thinning or in an airbrush, gently thin with “Acrylic Doctor”.


    Directions for use:

    -> mix the product well, shake up and down. Unscrew the cap and if you see foam running down the pipette, wipe it off.
    Check for air bubbles when squeezing the rubber cap; if this happens, keep pressing until a nice drop is coming out,
    -> we don’t recommend using a brush to pick up the product from the bottle: you can transfer dirt and dust particles
    that will become problematic. Instead, take a pipette and use a container, even a bottle cap!,
    -> you can also pour a drop directly onto the model’s surface or diorama and gently stretch it with a brush or toothpick
    in the desired directions. If any bubbles form on the surface, just give them a blow, and they will disappear,
    -> the product needs several hours to a day to fully dry at room temperature, depending on the thickness of the layer,
    -> if you want to spray using an airbrush, work on the lowest possible pressure (around 1 bar) at a distance of 5-10 cm,
    Thin with “Acrylic Doctor” if necessary, not more than 4:1 thinner to effect ratio,
    -> after drying, do not cover with any varnish,
    -> flush tools in hot water and then use Total cleaner or Airb-care cleaner,
    -> store away from heat and direct light

    Importnat information:

    • the bottle with a pipette contains not less than 30ml of paint,
    • additional pipette and sample coin not included,
    • the color on the sample coin is the after-dry effect

    This product has almost none, slightly acrylic smell