Razer Saw: ultra and extra smooth asymetric (1 pcs.)

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    • 200-T0001
    • Manufacturer: Art Scale Kit
    • Delivery time: October 2020
    • Type: Modelling tools
    • Medium: metal
    • szt.
    • €2.25
    • This product is available for pre-order - dispatch times will be more than 7 days for regular orders.

    Micro Saw designed for very fine work.

    Czech model razor blade – durable modeller’s saw

    Both sides blade. One side with Ultra Smooth teeth (70) and opposite side with Extra Smooth teeth (43)


    • Panel scribing
    • Removing control surfaces
    • Openning one-part canopies
    • Any straight and thin modeling cuts
    • Cutting off tiny parts from sprue
    • Any other modeller’s precise cutting


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