Hurricane Deluxe Set 1/72 - Preorders


The Hurricane Mk II a/b/c double set in 1/72 scale is available for pre-order. The set includes 3D printed accessories, masks and seven colour options from the Eastern Front (RAF and VVS).

  • We recommend promotional bundels with other models and a novelty - a 3D file for self-printing of Soviet rockets.

Hurricane Mk II on the Eastern Front

Hurricane fighters went to the USSR together with the No. 151 Wing of the RAF, defending English ships unloaded in Murmansk in 1941. The planes were then taken over by the Soviets were not met with enthusiasm by their pilots, also due to being armed with small calibre machine guns. The most popular version, Mk IIb, was modified in the USSR with more powerful weapons (2x20mm and 2x12.7mm). In the kit, in addition to many cool 3D-printed resin accessories, we included a smart conversion with Soviet cannon barrels and an empty shell chute. In addition, a large number of Soviet planes also used rocket missiles similar to those from Katyusha - RS-82 - under their wings. Fighters which markings are included in the box can be equipped with them.

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70045 Hurricane Mk II A/B/C "Eastern Front" Deluxe Set

70045 Hurricane Mk II A/B/C "Eastern Front" Deluxe Set

Double model kit with Eastern Front markings and additional 3D printed accessories.
72001-3D RS-82 Soviet Rockets 3D-File.

72001-3D RS-82 Soviet Rockets 3D-File.

3D file for self-printing accessories, consumer license.