48005-3D Hurricane IIb 1/48 Gun Barrels 3D-File

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    • 48005-3D
    • Manufacturer: Arma Hobby
    • Availability: In Stock
      Delivery time: immediately after payment received
    • Type: Aeroplane accessories
    • Medium: 3D file
    • Scale: 1/48
    • Remarks: Consumer license for non commercial use
    • szt.
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    3D file for self-printing accessories, consumer license.

    Hurricane Mk IIb 1/48 MG barrels

    • File for self-printing on a 3D resin printer, consumer license for non commercial use
    • See the therms and regulations for using files §4a link.
    • How to use file? Scroll down description!

    The product is available in the form of 3D files in STL format. It is a universal format for sharing 3D printable files.

    Set includes:

    • Hurricane Mk IIb MG barrels for external guns

    How to print accessories from the file?

    The product should be printed on a resin printer such as Elegoo Mars 3 or similar from companies such as Anycubics, Phrozen, etc. The minimum resolution needed to obtain a good effect is 4K. The effect will be even better at higher resolutions, such as 8K.

    The file should be processed in a program that prepares files for the printer, the so-called Slicer, appropriate for your printer. In the case of Elegoo Mars 3, it is the ChituBox program.

    Basic printer and software skills are required to print the product.

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